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Taking up AWS Career? Know Why?

Taking up AWS Career? Know Why?

Since 2011, which was an era when Cloud had started to skyrocket into the IT market; job postings for engineers and professionals having work experience with Amazon Web Services has increased more than 1500%. Since almost a decade, billions of dollars are being spent on providing and utilizing Cloud resources and services across the globe. Indian IT market has always seen steady adoption of Cloud and there has always been a dearth of skills sets in the market. Although the market demand has been growing rapidly over the years, the supply of skills has been rising at a very slow pace. This opens a huge opportunity for professionals who are looking to move up their career and for job seekers to embrace Cloud and nurture these skills.


Why 1 – The Robust Cloud Market

According to the market research studies published by various journals and organizations, the spending on Cloud from both, the service provider’s and customer’s side will continue to increase. Gartner has specifically pointed out that India is one of the countries that is showing very strong growth in Cloud sector and predicted India to be one of the fastest growing countries in their Cloud forecast.

Not just Gartner, Zinnov and the Wall Street Journal have also predicted a Robust Cloud Market over the next few years. Zinnov also mentioned that by 2020 the overall Cloud spending in India would reach up to 20 Billion USD. The three Cloud Computing Giants viz AWS, Azure and GCP have spent tens of billions of dollars to increase their Cloud reach globally in 2016 and the pattern would continue for the next few years. This strong market growth has boosted investor’s confidence to invest in Cloud-based start-ups which have, in turn, led to a drastic increase in opportunities with Cloud skills.


Why 2 – High Demand + Low Supply = Huge Opportunity

With robust market trends in Cloud Spending, Cloud skills have become more pertinent to the current situation. The International Data Corporation (IDC) and Microsoft have mentioned in their research that there are at least 14 Million Cloud Computing jobs worldwide. Jobs around AWS and Azure has seen a drastic increase over the last few years and Wanted Analytics published that there are around 18.2 Million Cloud Computing related jobs worldwide today.

With over 2 million jobs related to Cloud Computing skills, India is in the third position next to China and USA with 7 Million and 3 Million openings respectively. With innovation in IT growing tremendously, the skills currently present in the market are becoming redundant by the minute. With this general trend, Zinnov has pointed out that, 25% of Global IT Talent becomes redundant in the next 3-5 years. EMC also pointed out that it would be a challenge to close these positions due to lack of skilled professionals. Significantly, the skills under discussion here were practically non-existent a decade ago.


Why 3 – Digital Transformation Trends in Companies

One might be wondering that their organization is going through multiple changes due to the advent of Cloud and would not be a fit to the new organizational needs. This misconception has led to an alarming number of misnomers in Cloud adoption. Cloud would reduce the effort taken to perform a specific job role and would drive organizational focus to automation which in turn would lead to the creation of opportunities. One should always look for opportunities in the organization’s digitization which would help in upgrading one’s skills.

A Human Resources Research shows that 41% of the IT professionals believe that their organization would be ready for Digital Transformation in the next couple of years giving time to articulate skills and become part of the transformation. 29% of the IT professionals would be actively involved in the digital transformation as their primary focus. This ranges from senior management to engineers across domains. Although 91% of the professionals believe that they would have a role to play in their organization’s transformation, there is less focus on gaining the required skills. During the transformation, the roles of individuals would also look at a transformation, for e.g., traditional Windows / Linux Administrator would be required to perform operations on Cloud-based infrastructure. Hardware management roles would turn into Cloud security and performance management based roles. The traditional developer would have to learn Cloud APIs and be able to write applications that run on the Cloud.

One needs to look at acquiring new skills soon to be able to be a part of the change. But, with the amount of information over the internet about Cloud and AWS, one can easily slip and give up.

As mentioned before, many organizations are looking at Digital Transformation as a priority and are looking for professionals who could play a part in the transition. You could be the one driving the transformation or implementing the same for your own organization. In case you are looking for opportunities outside, then with certification, your chances of landing an interview are far higher. So, all the very best.

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