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Share a NAT Gateway through Transit Gateway with other VPCs in Same Region

Share a NAT Gateway through Transit Gateway with other VPCs in Same Region

– Paul Francis Maheswaran (Cognizant)

NAT Gateway (Managed Service) is a best solution to provide internet connectivity for AWS resources sitting in private subnets. Normal setup involves having a NAT Gateway per account or per VPC, even if you have several AWS accounts in the same region to logically separate AWS resources and environments resulting in a respectable amount of costs for NAT Gateways spread out across different Accounts or VPCs.  If you are running minimum with three environments (3 different Accounts) or VPCs, you will be spending approximately $1000 to $1200 per year.

Below is the solution to share the NAT Gateway with multiple VPCs in the same region and same account.  Later I will walk thru how to share the “NAT Gateway with multiple Accounts in the same region.

  1. Create Transit Gateway in onevpc
  2. Create Transit Gateway Attachement, by choosing the Transit Gateway created in Step 1
  3. Name the Tag something like onevpc-to-TransitGW
  4. Choose the VPC, in this case onevpc
  5. Repeat the Step 3 and 4 for VPCTwo and VPCThree
  6. Make sure, Private subnets route table reflects the route as mentioned in architecture diagram
  7. Click Transit Gateway Route Tables in the left pane and select Routes Tab
  8. Click Create route button to add route
  9. Enter the cidr block as 0.0.0/0 and choose the attachment created for onevpc which hosts the NAT Gateway.
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