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How To Choose A Right AWS Training Institute?

How To Choose A Right AWS Training Institute?

Cloud computing is a disruptive technology in the current business world, displacing many resources that would have conventionally been located in -house or would have provided a traditionally hosted service .

As Forrester vice president Ted Schadler puts it, “cloud computing poses a direct threat to blue collar.”

This means IT support such as admins and others who simply maintain IT infrastructure will have to deal with this scenario . In order to survive, IT people will need to listen closely to the needs of the business and specialize on the required platform . Others might consider looking for a job with a cloud service provider .
Modern application development is not just about faster delivery of software . It is about the ability to adapt, innovate, compete, and move forward in a faster manner . Applications now have billions of users, increasing the need for constant updates . Leveraging the cloud can be extremely beneficial
for developers . Cloud provides agility for spinning up resources very quickly to build apps . So it become mandatory for IT admins, Developers, IT Managers, Architects, Project managers to learn Cloud Computing .


Not every detail is taught in schools or colleges. To specialize in a specific platform and to add a powerfull bullet in your Resumé, you need to choose a training institute that will guide you, train you and expertise you in the platform you wish to shine.

Good thing is, there are plenty of institutes in which you can get trained. But the million dollar question is “which institute is the best of all? Here are some tips which will help you in selecting the right institute.


The basic cloud course that can lift you up to the cloud 9 is the AWS Cloud. For beginners it is very easy to learn AWS comparatively with other cloud providers like Azure or Google. Once you are familiar with cloud technology by learning AWS, then it will be easy for you to raise your skills with Azure and Google. Looking for institutes with cloud computing will help you in narrowing down the institute where you want to get trained.


As everyone in today’s world does, just google and get to know the institutes that are in town. Or ask your friends or colleagues to share institutes that they might have come across. Institutes with better brandings get more visible than small ones. but it is important for us to verify and learn every possibility. Once you get a list of institutes, start knowing more about each institute.


Check out institutes’ website for better understanding on what they offer.Every institute have their own website, go through them to know about them, their faculty and what they offer. Also look out on who will be teaching the course and run a quick background search on him/ her as well.


Everyone wants to get placed through their institute. So try knowing about their placement records and how they approach placements process. Get an idea where their previous batches have been placed in and how are they doing currently.


Watch the testimonial videos if the institute’s website has any.Try contacting past students to get an idea about the institute and whether they were satisfied with everything they were offered. Get the details of the previous students from the institute.

Read reviews in social media forums about the institutes you have in mind. This would help you to make an informed and sane decision.


Nothing beats an in person visit, visiting the institutes personally will help you in getting to know their infrastructure and an experience about how things functiion. Have a demo class if you need. You can get to know the strengths of the faculty and know their credentials once you have a word with them in person.


Both location of the institute and fees are your personal decisions and is up to your conveniences. Just keep in mind whether it is worth the pay and effort.


Last but not least, check whether they provide any value addition to your course, which can enhance your knowledge to industry ready candidate. Since this is new technology we need some level of guidance to raise our skills in Cloud Computing to clear the interviews and certification. Check with the training institute what kind of value they add to the course? How the doubts will be clarified after the course duration?

These tips will surely help you guys make an informed decision on which institute to choose.

Best of luck.

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